The musicroom is a small music club in East Suffolk, presenting an eclectic range of innovative artists, broadly in the folk and improv music traditions. The sessions are in the intimate, informal setting of our barn, (not the studio) with a chance to socialise and share experiences of the music.

A winter’s night at the musicroom…with Sarah Angliss

Our next event is on January 27th 2018
Sarah Angliss ‘ Ealing Feeder’

7.00pm for food and drinks, music at 8.00pm

Admission is £10 on the door to include support for the musicians and a very good (mostly vegetarian) supper.
Cash bar for good wine and beer.

Numbers are limited, let us know if you’d like to come by replying here

Sarah is a composer, automatist and live performer, colliding electronics and robotics with English folk and ancient music

Theremin, recorder, robotic carillon, saw…  defunct machines, faded variety acts and English folk tales.

 Tonight Sarah and Stephen Hiscox will be performing music from her new work ‘Ealing Feeder’:


“The most inventive album I’ve heard in a long while…a testament to Angliss’s imagination and sheer musicality”, Simon Reynolds (4 Columns, New York)


“A highly atmospheric and compelling listen…the record feels like a whole universe unto itself brimming with fresh propositions and new directions. Ealing Feeder is a subtle gem”, Robert Barry, (The Wire Magazine, London)


“Revelatory…a phenomenal collection….exists in a preternatural state of eerie calm and alluring mystery.” Dave Segal (The Stranger, Seattle)




Learn about printmaking

Printroom is the ideal lace to find out about printmaking,we have a library with books on printmaking and printmakers and director Monica Petzal can talk to you about printmaking and how and where to learn.